Good Design Award The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design
The simplehuman hi-fi mirror combines advanced sensor mirror technology with a hi-fidelity audio system and seamlessly integrates built-in Alexa capabilities to create the most advanced app controlled makeup mirror on the market.
Our research found that many users were using the mirror while getting ready for work or for a night out, so the mirror is available with built in Alexa so they can listen to music, check the weather, traffic, news, time, and access any home automation required before leaving. Most of the mirrors are used in a bathroom, so we utilized the existing sensor in the mirror to turn it into a night light - as you walk by the mirror on the way to the bathroom, it will softly light up to guide your way.
Simplehuman’s proprietary Tru-Lux lighting system simulates natural sunlight’s full color spectrum to show every detail of your makeup application. The mirror has a sensor built into it that automatically turns it on as your face approaches the mirror surface. The lighting is fully adjustable, and there is a control bar to control volume, play, pause, and forward to the next song. Above all, however, the mirror still is the best quality mirror on the market, with extreme detail paid to the glass and coatings to achieve the maximum possible reflectivity.
The Sensor Mirror Hi- fi makes getting ready before you leave the house a little easier, a little more enjoyable and certainly more efficient, reducing stress and making your normal makeup routine a little better. Imagine as you’re getting ready in the morning, you know exactly how much time you have before you have to leave, knowing what the weather is, listening to the news or your favorite music, then opening the blinds (or closing them) as you prepare to leave. At night it’s a night light to guide your way to the bathroom. When you’re taking a shower it plays your favorite music. It can even wake you up in the morning. All while utilizing the finest quality mirror and lighting you can buy. 

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