Red Dot Design Award
Good Design Award The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design​​​​​​​
The JBL GTR amplifier series are bluetooth enabled mobile amplifiers that utilize proprietary technology to maximize the audio experience. These amplifiers are remote accessed through your smart device, and some of the features include Clarity-Fi sound restoration technology to improve audio playback of digital music files from smartphones and other band-limited sources; Party mode, which allows multiple passengers to share their playlists; and Dynamic Bass Optimization, which allows fine tuning of the bass frequencies.

The design language was developed to say modern, powerful, technological and innovative, all qualities that describe the JBL brand. Because we wanted to make a statement with the design, we avoided the typical "fins" that are usually used to dissipate heat; instead, we developed a folded, angular surface design that increased the surface area to meet all the cooling requirements while creating a unique and powerful visual signature for the line. 
Mounting feet were integrated into the design of the top surface and all wire tightening screws were accessible through holes on the top surface to keep the entire look of the amplifier clean and integrated.
Even the bottom of the amp, which is seldom seen by the end user, was designed to match the design language for 2 main reasons:  first because we believed that this would help uplift the spirit of the brand and make it feel less like a mass produced, cost reduced product; and second, we wanted everyone, including installers, service members and sales people to get the brand message that JBL produces quality products and they care about the details, seen and unseen.

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