Red Dot Design Award
Good Design Award The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design
The Infinity Kappa amplifier is a powerful, advanced technology mobile electronics amplifier that integrates an App controlled interface to make setting up and tuning the amplifier a simple and intuitive process.

Infinity is one of the strongest and best selling brands in the mobile electronics industry. It is know for utilizing advanced technology and materials to create powerful but subtly refined audio products that are capable of producing immersive audio environments. LDA has worked with Infinity for almost 20 years developing their brand language and keeping them at the forefront of the industry.
As one of the top products in the line up, this Kappa amplifier would set the design language for the rest of the products for the brand.
We wanted the amplifier language to be clean and technology driven, but it must also convey a sense of power, refinement and musicality. We also wanted to reflect Infinity's history of utilizing innovative materials in their products.
We accomplished this by designing textural risers for heat sinks to increase the surface area, then partially covered them with a shroud to give them a sense of depth, This leads the eye to perceive the overall form as clean and sophisticated, but the details add a sense of depth and power. This depth is metaphoric of the sense of depth that this amplifier is capable of imparting to music. The clean forms, unique heat sinks, brushed metal surfaces and reflective gloss black display area creates a design language that encompasses everything that the Infinity brand stands for.
A subtle detail is the finished bottom plate. Normally a piece of low cost sheet metal that is seldom seen by the end user, we believed that designing a refined bottom plate reflected the philosophy of the Infinity brand that could be conveyed to the consumer - that if they cared enough to spend the time to develop a beautiful bottom plate - they would care enough about the engineering and electronic details to make a product that is superior to their competition. 

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