Good Design Award The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design
The simplehuman Pulse Pump is a stainless steel manual pump that can be used to dispense a variety of liquids, including hand soap, dishwashing detergent, lotions and much more.

There are many manual soap pumps currently on the market, but few really stand out. Our goal was to design a soap pump that made the experience of using a soap pump outstanding and fresh while still reflecting the brand language and philosophy of the simplehuman brand.
Much effort in the design was placed on the product UX - The feel of pressing the pump; the ease of removing the lid; making sure you could use one hand to operate the pump; a color accent to make the fill line easily visible; A silver-ion coating on the exterior of the pump to resist fingerprints and help prevent the spread of germs.
The innovative design includes a large pump tube that allows for greater soap flow - no matter how thick - with far less effort. It can be operated with one hand and it takes 60% of the effort than other manual soap pumps require to dispense a generous amount of soap. A wide funnel opening makes refilling quick, easy and mess free.

One of the issues we found with current pumps was a lack of reliability and robustness. This pulse pump was designed with a stainless steel body, a die-cast pump head and high quality, low-resistance parts that were tested to withstand over 150,000 pumps. It utilizes ball bearings at the top and bottom of the pump to keep air from entering, which prevents soap from dripping, leaking or drying out.  It also has an innovative reverse-flow valve design that draws the soap back from the nozzle for a split-second after every dispose to keep it clean and drip-free.

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