Good Design Award The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design
The Celestron Nexstar Evolution Telescope is a smart telescope that can be controlled wirelessly from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with an app. It utilizes wifi to connect to your device, and can be completely controlled by your smart device. The app has a planetarium interface that is used to view the night sky in real time and can display a list of celestial objects currently visible based on your time and location.

When designing the Nexstar Evolution, much user research was completed to determine how the telescope would be used by amateur astronomers. What we discovered was that one of the biggest issues was the set up and movement of the telescope into a place that was optimum for celestial viewing.
In response to our research, the design team built into the body a grab handle and a hand cup to allow for ease of moving. Multiple areas of the mount and housing were also optimized for easy moving, with areas big enough for hands and radii added for comfort.
We also found that accessing eyepieces on the tripod was inconvenient due to the dark environment required for stargazing, so we added an additional eyepiece tray on the upper housing and illuminated it with a switchable red LED to allow for ease of access for your favorite eyepieces.

Manual clutches were placed to allow for quick movement of the optical tube when powered off. This makes the unit easy to store when not in use. 
With it's powerful ease of use functionality and thoughtful industrial design, the Nexstar Evolution is currently the best selling line in the Celestron line-up.

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