Good Design Award The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design
EISA Award  Expert Imaging and Sound Association
JL Audio is a highly respected, venerable brand in the world of mobile electronics. The VXi series of mobile amplifiers are the flagship products in JL Audio’s mobile electronics line, and were designed to represent the future of the category. They utilize cutting edge technology, the highest quality components, and integrate unique DSP technologies into a very compact chassis.
The DSP functionality is accessed via a compatible external device such as a PC, smartphone or tablet via JL’s exclusiveTuN™ software and all amplifier adjustments and DSP functionality are configured remotely, which allows the tuning to occur while in the driver’s seat. There are no adjustment controls on the amplifier.
The design language developed for this product reflects its sophistication and advanced technologies. JL Audio is an engineering based company, and we wanted the design to reflect that. We used clean, strong forms - simple but subtle and sophisticated, and very refined detailing. The materials and finishes reflect an upscale, state-of-the art  product, and when combined with the forms, reflect a highly refined, technology based product.

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