Red Dot Design Award
International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) Finalist
Good Design Award The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design

The Melitta Senz V is the world's first smart pour-over coffee maker designed for gourmet coffee drinkers. It is designed to allow the user to quantify and assess the coffee quality by measuring and controlling coffee weight, amount of water, brewing time, water temperature, coffee extraction and ultimately the taste of the coffee brewed.

The Melitta Senz V was developed to have a “crafted” design language, using authentic materials and a simple, streamlined design aesthetic. The design language of the product reflects the personality of the intended customer - someone who “crafts” their coffee and pays attention to the details.
Our research indicates that there are multiple variables when brewing coffee: The amount of water that is used; the temperature of the water; the amount of coffee that is added; the coarseness of the grind; the length of time that is allowed to brew; and ultimately, the density of the coffee that is brewed.
The Melitta Senz V was designed to quantify all of these aspects, so that the user can adjust, fine tune, and play with any one of them to achieve the flavor of coffee that fits their taste exactly. 
It does this by having a built-in scale to measure water and coffee weights, a temperature sensor to measure water temperature, a particulate sensor that measures the density of the brewed coffee, and a timed valve that can be adjusted to adjust the length of time for the coffee extraction process. It also utilizes a Bluetooth connection for App controls, and automatically updates your preferences. A touchscreen display makes for an easy interface.

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