Cubo is a start up brand that came up with an innovative way of making healthy juice drinks. Their system involved utilizing a frozen pod of concentrated juice, enhancing the efficiency of the process, and eliminating the mess typically associated with the juice making process. 
Our task was to work with their engineers on packaging the components for optimum functionality, establish a powerful brand design language that expresses their brand and resonates with their customers, and design an intuitive user experience that enhances and simplifies the juice making process.
The engineering of the design presented us with unique challenges. Given the weight and hardware situated atop the structure, we developed a component layout and design language that mitigated the apparent heaviness while infusing it with a captivating and distinctive aesthetic. The body of the device is divided into three distinct sections, a strategic approach that not only lessened the visual bulk but also separated each zone into an area of engagement.
The user’s journey flows from top to bottom: beginning by inserting the juice pod into the top-door slot, followed by selecting the preferred beverage size and temperature via the seamless screen interface, then positioning the cup beneath the elegantly designed spout, and concluding by effortlessly removing the used pods from the magnetically suspended pod bin. Additionally, the drip tray securely attaches to the juicer through magnetic connections, offering convenient storage beneath the tray when not in use.

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