Audiofrog is a high end boutique brand with a fan base of very passionate audiophiles. Their mission is  to develop uncompromised audio products for the mobile environment. 

Our goal was to develop a brand language that would convey this message to the end user, and develop a timeless, high end design language  that would not only enhance the functionality of the product, but "speak" to the potential audience of potential users so they could see at a glance what the brand's values are.

One of our goals in designing the products was to make the products "look" like they sound superior. Our research indicated that a users opinion of a speaker's sound quality is heavily influenced by their eyes, and a speaker that looks like it sounds good is more likely to be perceived as actually sounding good. If it looks like it sounds bad, users frequently perceived the sound to be bad.
We studied what qualities customers attributed to speakers that were highly regarded in sound quality, and applied those general principles to the design of the Audiofrog lineup. We then crafted unique visual cues to make the features uniquely Audiofrog to create a design language that could be readily distinguished as Audiofrog.

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